Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I love '60s !!!!

It's quite usual to hear ppl say "oh, I like to listen to music", or "music is my life".

Well, some of them maybe just think it's cool to say so, but I think everyone more or less has their favorite music style. I have my own favorite for sure, it's not hip-hop nor RnB, it's 60s.

There are two major categories in the 60's music and some icon songs and singer:

Bee Gees
KC & The Sunshine Band
Gloria Gaynor
Diana Ross
Earth, Wind, & Fire
The Village People...

(2)Anti-War Music
John Lennon
Edwin Starr
Country Joe & the Fish...

I like them all but I got no theory to tell you why I like them. I can't analyze them either. I just like them.
If there is one reason, maybe 'cause these kind of music make me happy.

All right, enough talk, let's enjoy the music!!

(1)Macho Man by The Village People

Yes, they are a gay group, but they have soooo many famous works, eg, YMCA, Macho Man, In the Navy

Well, I love them so much that U have to share another
MV from's classic!!

(2)War by Edwin Starr

If you have seem "Rush Hour", you must know this sone.
Very Classic anti war song.


Well, again, this shows Americans can't tell China from Japan.

(4)I Feel Like by Country Joe McDonald

Super classic anti-war song. So famous!!!
The lyrics of this song are so black humor.

(5)California dreamin by The mamas and the papas

This is also super classic icon of 60's rock music.
Lota of remix verison still until now.

(6)Night Fever by The Bee Gees

All right, last but not least, The Bee Gees!!

I LOVE 60s!!!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I love '50S, '60S songs. They are simple words to remember
and beautiful melody.

There is a progoram from NEWS 98 TAIPEI, named "EVERGREEN", every Sunday morning 9:00a.m. to 11 a.m.
All old songs from '50S - '70S even '80S. You can listen online.

steven said...

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I love 60s Rock and rolls
Because they have the elements of War, revolution of society, and changes of society.
It may sound simple, it did have certain meaning in the simple lyrics. But audiences may not know.

However, EVERY kind of music can touch your soul. When it does, it MUST be great music no matter what.


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