Sunday, March 4, 2007

Topic 5. Private Pilot Certificate

Since my friends knew that I got the license, some questions were repeatledly asked.
Such as...
"So, what kind of airplane can you fly?"
"How many passengers can you take?"
"How far can you fly, where can you fly to?"

Therefore, let's talk about the privileges and requirements
of the FAA Private Pilot Certificate.

首先,第一部份先來談obtain private pilot certificate的requirements.

(1)需年滿17歲 (別懷疑,很多老外在我們還在學騎腳踏車的年紀就坐在cockpit了)
(3)至少取得 Third class medical certificate
(4)通過aeronautical knowledge test電腦測驗
(5)通過FAA-designated examiner的aeronautical knowledge oral test
和practical flight test.

而至於在飛行時數上的要求則會因Part 61或是141 training而有差別,
在這我們討論Part 61的規定:
a.20小時with instructor
b.10小時solo flight
c.3小時instrument flight

a.5小時x-country solo
b.一次超過150 NM total distance和包括三個機場的long x-country
c.三次在controlled airport做full stop takeoffs and landings

b.一次night x-country
c.1o次的takeoffs and landings

student pilot平均取得private pilot的飛行時數為70~75小時.

首先要提到的是,FAA Private Pilot Certificate是永遠有效,不會過期的.
但是,你必須要有合規定的flight review和有效的medical certificate.

關於flight review,
pilot必須每24 calendar months和FAA-designated examiner或是CFI進行測驗.
而如果你想要載passenger的話,則需在90天內有same category和class的飛機
三次以上的takeoffs and landings經驗(白天),或是
三次以上的full stop takeoffs and landings經驗(夜晚).

其實,當你取得Private Pilot Certificate之後,
就算是Boeing 747都可以,只要你有適當的rating.

基本上,對於Private Pilot Certificate只有這麼一條:
"Can not carry passenger and/or cargo for compensatiom or hire".
但是你可以跟passenger share flight costs (eg. rental fee, fuel...)

So, the bottom line is...


Skypilot said...

Let's get the Instrument rating and the CPL as soon as possilbe, so we can get hired by airlines after we go back to Taiwan. ^^


to everyone
Dont forget to get the Mult-Engine rating. And watch out your flight hours is enough for converting to Taiwan Licence.

Skypilot said...

To Mr. 江,
Thank you very much.
I will get the Multi-Engine rating after I get the CPL for Single-Engine. I will make my total flight more than 300 hours and go back to Taiwan.
Are you current working at airlines in Taiwan?
Can I have more information from you?


To dear all,
I have to say sorry first.
What I wnat to say is that directly connecting with the person who in charge of hire pilot.
Bec I am not in charge of this part. And all what I said can not be represented for any airline. Hope all of you understand it. Thanks.

Skypilot said...

To Mr.江,

I understand that.
Thank you very much for your response.


To skypilot
建議撥電話給民航局黃小姐 +886-2-2349-6364,針對回台灣之後證照轉換等相關問題,黃小姐會解釋非常清楚.


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